52 Ways to Deal

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$25 for one

$20 for three or more

$15 for five or more

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52 Ways to Deal cards, created by Kimberly Stone-Caputo of The Edu-Cater, LLC and Jackie D. Weaver of ThumpSmack Graphic Design, gives children strategies to learn and ways to deal with stress today and in their future.

Dual Purpose Cards

regular playing cards on one side with illustrated coping skills on the opposite side


clear, concrete examples of coping skill activities along with original and quirky recurring characters


each card targets multiple learning styles with focus on the five senses

Joker cards

offer suggested games, activities and research topics along with recommended child-safe search engines


plain white tuck box allows children to add personalized designs

"...our goal with 52 Ways to Deal is that children of all ages can hold in their hands the skills and strategies to take their own mental health to a level of self-care that will last throughout their lifetime."